Reko Premium Aluzinc 


Premium Aluzinc is cold rolled galvanized steel with metal coating composed of Aluminum (62%), Zinc (36.3%), and Silicon  (1.7%). It is a hot-dipped Aluminum/Zinc alloy coating over a steel substrate and has a waterborne acrylic or polyester top coat, that uses the latest infrared reflective pigments, baked on a polyester primer, giving an extremely durable paint system that resists UV damage and provides excellent gloss and colour retention.

Aluzinc has the ability to repair itself which makes the material resistant to corrosion caused by scratches. The long lifetime is due to the fact that the Aluminium-zinc coating provides the steel sheet with a double protection against corrosion. Aluzinc is a very environmentally friendly product and can be used both externally and internally. It is 100% recyclable and formed using a ‘green process’. Once Steel is produced, it is part of a constant cycle as steel always contains recycled materials and the metal layer does not pose any problems for remolding.



  • It has aluzinc quoting of 150g/m. This means on every square meter of clean colorbond(r) you will find 150g of aluzinc quoting.
  • It is the highest aluzinc coating on the market for inland areas.
  • Corrosion resistance is a lay focus for clean colorbond. Zinc (36.3%), Aluminium (62%) and Silicon (1.7%) combine together to provide optimum corrosion performance.  Zinc provides excellent sacrificial protection while the Aluminium provides durable barrier protection. Silicon is a binding agent.
  • The surface has been treated with SPT (Surface Protection Treatment ) to prevent stains during handling and to ease shaping.
  • The Premium Aluzinc has both smooth and rough types.
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